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Focus in calm and simple surroundings

Products made perfect for the modern urban professional…

“Tidy desk, tidy mind”

NICHBA has embraced this basic idea and created OFFICE, a series of products that utilize simplicity and create productive work areas – either at home or in an office space; these Scandi-style desks, shelves and office accessories free your office from distraction.

DESK01 is a desk for your wall and it works perfectly if you are striving for a minimalistic look. It removes the redundancy of having legs from your desk taking up space on the floor. The palette of natural materials in classic colors create an informal, home-like environment that is perhaps more akin to a lounge environment than an office.

With OFFICE we want to create a creative hub with our office furniture, where the interior design does not get in the way of your focus. DESK01 and the elegant shelves from NICHBA create spaciousness in the room, allowing you to concentrate without disturbing elements. Our office decor calls for a clean workplace, whether you are brought up with tidiness or not.

Our range of shelves for the office; U-SHELVE, SHELF L40 and SHELF U40 work perfectly for storage. Hang them on the wall around your desk and experience the ease of working creatively, when you do not have clutter laying around.