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Hangers and hooks that defy gravity

Hangers and hooks that defy gravity.

There is something uniquely attractive about open space in a closet. If you are looking for minimalistic home decor, your wardrobe is the easiest place to start. Our WARDROBE series is a modern take on storing clothes, jackets and shoes, which simplifies and improves functionality.

NICHBA has developed and refined magnetic hangers and hooks that store your clothes in a smart and simple way. The system is named HangSys ™ and is supplemented by MAGHANG and MAGHOOK. NICHBA has always challenged the traditional wardrobe with unique and eye-catching solutions where functionality and aesthetics meet. HangSys ™ is the culmination of this.

Meet SHELVE01; a multifunctional shelf that can be used, for example, in your hallway. SHELVE01 is available both with a bowl and without a bowl. If you choose with a bowl, you have a perfect place to store keys, shopping notes and your wallet.

With wardrobe decor from NICHBA you are guaranteed beautiful design strokes that save you space in the entrance. SHOE BOX is tailored to this need; a shoe rack that is hung on the wall, freeing up space on the floor. It’s convenient, pretty and functional.