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Bath Shelf Corner

Bath Shelf Corner



BATH SHELF corner is a minimalistic storage shelf for shampoo bottles and other things that usually make a mess in the shower cabin.
The shelf is made of powder coated stainless steel and is designed to withstand the humid environment of a bathroom. It is easily mounted with 2 screws and easy to clean by simplylifting it out of its key slots. The shelf holds 3 to 5 bottles of shampoo depending on size and shape.

A well-thought design

easy to mount
easy to keep clean

space shouldn’t be a problem.

depending on bottle sizes-
store up to 5 bottles

nothing but simple storage

Technical Details


  • Width 285mm / 11.22in
  • Length 200mm / 7.87in
  • Weight 1.2kg


Created in powdercoated stainless steel. With a strong, durable and industrial surface