Bed Frame

Bed Frame


A bed is often the centerpiece of the bedroom. Made of thin squaretubes but made in a strong construction, making it possible to contain a load of 380kg.
The BED FRAME comes in 180 x 200 model and fits box mattress 90x200cm and a combination of slats and spring matteresses (90x200cm)

stop hiding useless stuff

underneath you bed..

Embrace the air

and feel the comfort

We made it simple and easy to install..

Technical Details


  • Length 2060 mm / 80.12 in
  • Width 1860 mm / 73.23 in
  • Heigth 350 mm / 13.78 in
  • Weigth 38 KG
  • Load 380 KG


Produced in strong and durable steel squaretubes. It has a high quality powdercoated steel surface.