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Simple yet detailed - A bench that seems light and fragile but it hides its strength by having a well though-out construction and carefully chosen materials. Bringing wood into our ''black and white steel world'' adds life and diversity.

A black painted solid oak plate on a base made of a high quality steel frame makes this the perfect choice for the minimalist design lovers. Have a look and enjoy our passion for details and proud craftsmanship.




A new world of details.

A beautiful addition to the family.

Technical Details


  • Length 1410mm / 55.51in
  • Height (total) 550mm / 21.65in
  • Height (seat) 420mm / 16.53in
  • Width 400 / 15.74in
  • Weight 20kg


Created from black painted solid oak and powdercoated steel squaretubes.
Needs assembling