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Our story

An ambition bent in steel.

It was Nichlas B. Andersen’s ability to work with steel that formed the basis of Nichba; a Danish design company. NICHBA is a brand with a belief that creativity breathes life into our everyday activities. Using steel, a durable, strong material, NICHBA has created a line of delicate looking products.

NICHBA offers quality furniture and decor, built to last. The perfect blend of style and function for your home, business and recreation needs. We believe your home is a true reflection of your personal style, so we always take a hands-on approach, working with respected, high-quality materials, to present you the best of modern and minimalistic interior design. 

Nichba has grown larger and larger in recent years, but one thing is still the most important to Nichlas; to keep your feet on the ground. Denmark is a country of honorable craftsmen and professionals who deserve recognition. Nichlas wants to forever be a part of that and never forget the Danish design traditions. 


“When you focus on shape and functionality itself, you peel off all the redundant design layers and end up with a modern, sophisticated, and timeless design —That’s Nichba — Architectural purity, simple lines and clean silhouettes. We’ve cut out all the unnecessary and provided you with a range of furniture and fixtures that meet your decor needs – without all the commotion.”

— Nichlas B. Andersen