About us

The story of NICHBA.

A steeled ambition.

NICHBA had its origins in the hands of a blacksmith apprentice. It was Nichlas' ability to bend iron that formed the basis of a design company that today embraces wide and impresses in over 12 countries. Design enthusiasts at home and abroad have been introduced to good, Danish craftsmanship. Not just Danish, but Jutland - North Jutland, to be completely specific.

In the beginning, it was a hobby for Nichlas. He spent hours designing steel for his own home, but gradually it dawned on him that the market was thirsty for his metal creations. When NICHBA started to gain momentum, Christoffer joined as sales manager and together they form a strong design duo.

NICHBA has had growing pains in recent years, but there is one thing that is more important than anything else for Nichlas: keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground - rather, the Jutland soil.

Denmark is a country with honorable craftsmen and professionals who deserve recognition. Nichlas will be a part of that. He will never forget the traditions and one's beginning.

"When you focus on the shape and functionality itself, you leave an abundance of decoration and end up with a modern, sophisticated and timeless design. That's NICHBA. Architectural purity, simple lines and clean silhouettes. I have cut out all the unnecessary and give you a series of furniture and fixtures for the home that meet your interior design needs - free from all the noise. "

- Nichlas B. Andersen
Co-founder and product designer