Towel Hanger

Towel Hanger



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A Scandinavian bathroom is light and elegant. When you are decorating the room that is most susceptible to heat and humidity in the home, there is more than just pleasing design at stake. We at NICHBA DESIGN love combining practical solutions with a minimalistic and classic design

The TOWEL HANGER from NICHBA is constructed from a single piece of steel, treated with a strong powder coating. This gives the surface a high durability and protects against humidity and daily usage in the bathroom. The TOWEL HANGER is easily mounted on the wall with two screws (we always recommend following our included manual regarding installation of our products).

it’s not a shame being simple

simple yet detailed

you get what you see

Technical Details


  • Length 600mm / 23.62in
  • Heigth 60mm / 2.36in
  • Depth 60mm / 2.36in
  • Weight 0.8kg


Created in powdercoated stainless steel. With a strong, durable and industrial surface